The Organist's Corner: "Call the piano tuner!"

When I became a Christian in my teens my first church was Hoddesdon Baptist Church in  Hertfordshire. 

One day we young ones went to a remote village, complete with folding harmonium, played by treading the pedals.  After the meeting, the girls went in pairs to distribute to houses.  At one door, they were greeted with “Go away, you (something, something) Russellites (another name for Jehovah‟s Witnesses).  The girl replied “ We ain‟t Russellites , we‟re „Oddesdon Baptist”. 

Years later at Horley Baptist Church we went again to hold an open air meeting, complete with portable harmonium.  The leader of our Youth Group wanted us to sing a particular hymn and he learned the tenor part, mainly on one note.   As he laboured to master it, his brother quipped “call the piano tuner!”

by Annete

(this article was published on the church magazine The Way, March-May 2011)