Our Church Music

Our organ, was badly damaged by melting snow which soaked the three manual keyboards, but as the keyboards have been returned it is now in working order.  We were able to claim insurance for this damage.  We are now waiting for a new roller top cover for the organ.  Annette, our organist will be unable to play the organ for a little while as a result of a broken hip and the return of her cancer.  We have to look ahead, and find a more modern way to play our ymns and other music.

 I went to our Ballards Lane , Finchley Church to look at a hymn player which they have had for a couple of years now.   After a demonstration I contacted the company and we had a demonstration at our church with a number of stewards and other interested people.   Everyone was very pleased with this and we have now purchased one for our church.   We were only able to buy this thanks to a generous gift from one of our members and a grant which we obtained from the Heathfield Trust. 

This hymn player can be programmed in advance for all the Sunday music; each hymn can be set at tempo, pitch, style and number of verses to suit our requirements.   During the hymn it is easy to change the speed and volume or pitch if it is set too high or low.   This is all powered through a large amplifier and loudspeaker, this all works completely independently from the microphone system which we have.   At the moment it is programmed with Hymns & Psalms, the Complete Mission Praise, Common Ground (requested by our new minister from September 2011, Shaun Sanders).   There are many pre set hymns and also about 50 incidental music items for the beginning/end and collection times, wedding music, happy birthday and YES  the Ghanaian National Anthem!!.  

Other music can also be added.  It is all now in the capable hands of our sound expert Williams Ghanney.   Anyone, young (who will understand it more quickly) or old will be welcome to try it out.   We need a number of people to be able to use it, because this belongs to everybody.  Sign up for an „apprenticeship‟ now.          


(this article was published on the church magazine The Way, March-May 2011)